The second editorial: welcome, early bird!

Ayal Pinkus

So the second official “Zinezoo Sunday” newsletter lands in your mailbox!

As I mentioned in the previous newsletter, we are readying for launch. Our serial “ Don Quixote of la Mancha” will start on January 20th, 2019, four weeks from now. I am actually in the process of editing the chapters still. I can do around one chapter a day, 2500 words, a ten-minute read.

Oh, and did I mention? Don Quixote weighs in at more than 400K words. I'm a masochist apparently.

Also, did you know that the writer, Cervantes, didn't actually intend this to be the masterpiece to be remembered by? He wanted to be remembered for his more serious prose and theater plays.

He wrote Don Quixote on the side, to poke fun at the chivalrous activities of his contemporaries, who, following the books of chivalry, had apparently taken to behaving like chivalrous knights to woo women. He was basically making fun of them.

Don Quixote went on to become one of the best-sold books ever, second only to the Bible maybe. This may be because he must have taken inspiration from life. The characters still feel true today, and the story has aged well I believe.

It is interesting that there can be a deeper “truth” in fiction — when it comes to the human condition — a truth that ages better than most non-fiction.

Happy festive season!
Ayal Pinkus

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