Zinezoo is a publisher of online zines.

We offer the articles through a newsletter, so your subscribers can always stay up to date.

Zinezoo is not a social media platform. Readers can not interact with creators.

When you create an account, you automatically have a zine of your own, which you can publish articles in. Other people can subscribe to your zine. When they do, they receive your articles in that newsletter, delivered by email.

There is no limit to the number of subscribers to your articles. As many people as want to can follow your work, for free. However, since we are a small outfit, we have had to put limits on certain things. For example, we will only archive the last ZINEZOO_MAX_ARTICLES articles you published, and people can only subscribe to ZINEZOO_MAX_SUBSCRIPTIONS zines. But the people who subscribe to your zine will get all your articles through the newsletter, if the article is still in your zine when they receive their newsletter.

If you like an article in another zine, you can co-publish it in your own zine and become a curator of great articles that way.

The kiosk page allows you to find great content. We like to limit the influence algorithms can have on a selection and hope that, through serendipity, you will find great zines you didn't know you were looking for.

Zinezoo was founded by Ayal Pinkus and is based in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Ayal has been a programmer than thirty-five years, and a writer and artist for more than ten years.

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