Ayal Pinkus

Welcome to this website! You are very posssibly the first visitor! We are just setting up this website right now.

On this site you will currently find 12 sections: 11 stories and a section with chess puzzles. The 11 stories are structured as serial fiction and are in the public domain. We chose these because we wanted to see if we can get the delivery mechanism to work.

Because we are trying out a different approach to online serial fiction: specifically, we are trying out syndication. If you go into the posts, at the bottom you will find a download button. This button allows you to download an html file which you can place on your own website. And voila, you are publishing the serial on your own website! Magic!

It is not magic, of course, but some black magic. The html file loads a script from our site and then downloads this week's episode. And then it displays it.

We plan to eventually host contemporary fiction, and to pay authors an advance against royalties. Money would be made through advertising on the episode pages.

As you will notice, we are trying other things too: we add images, and a short description explaining what happened before in case you land in the middle of a story, and we add pull quotes (and later we will add advertisements also). The idea is to break up the big block of text to make it more enticing for readers to start reading. The images and pull qaotes hopefully also help pull in the reader.

Anyway, that's the theory.

Feel free to look around the building site as we erect the structure.

Ayal Pinkus

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