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Ayal Pinkus
1 minute read

Porcelain and Pink
Short Plays
F. Scott Fitzgerald
17 minute read, episode 2 of 4.

It is a girl — clearly an appendage to the bath-tub, only her head and throat — beautiful girls have throats instead of necks — and a suggestion of shoulder appearing above the side. For the first ten minutes of the play the audience is engrossed in wondering if she really is playing the game fairly and hasn't any clothes on or whether it is being cheated and she is dressed.

In an attempt to make himself even more useful during the expedition to find evidence of dinosaurs, Mr. Malone foolishly wanders into the forest alone at night
The Lost World
Arthur Conan Doyle
21 minute read, episode 12 of 18.

nd so RoxtonLoading... stood on the boxes, while I faced the trunk, and was gently raising me when ChallengerLoading... sprang forward and gave me such a thrust with his huge hand that he fairly shot me into the tree. With both arms clasping the branch, I scrambled hard with my feet until I had worked, first my body, and then my knees, onto it. There were three excellent off-shoots, like huge rungs of a ladder, above my head, and a tangle of convenient branches beyond, so that I clambered onwards with such speed that I soon lost sight of the ground and had nothing but foliage beneath me. Now and then I encountered a check, and once I had to shin up a creeper for eight or ten feet, but I made excellent progress, and the booming of ChallengerLoading...'s voice seemed to be a great distance beneath me. The tree was, however, enormous, and, looking upwards, I could see no thinning of the leaves above my head. There was some thick, bush-like clump which seemed to be a parasite on a branch up which I was swarming. I leaned my head around it in order to see what was beyond, and I nearly fell out of the tree in my surprise and horror at what I saw.

Don Quixote decides to go mad to impress Dulcinea
Don Quixote Volume One
Miguel Cervantes
34 minute read, episode 26 of 53.

o Don QuixoteLoading... once again mounted RocinanteLoading... and left the goatherder behind. He ordered SanchoLoading... to follow him, and SanchoLoading... — having no ass — did so very discontentedly.

They proceeded slowly, making their way into the most rugged part of the mountain.


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