Illustrations for stories
First four pencils for “Lysistrata”
Sunday Newsletter
Ayal Pinkus
1 minute read

Short Plays
Aristophanes, translated by Norman and Jack Lindsay
1 hour 7 minute read, episode 5 of 5.

After annihilating the ape-men together with the Indians, the party of four now found their fortunes were changed and that they had become the masters of the plateau
The Lost World
Arthur Conan Doyle
22 minute read, episode 16 of 18.

t needed a robust faith in the end to justify such tragic means. As we advanced together through the woods we found the ape-men lying thick, transfixed with spears or arrows. Here and there a little group of shattered Indians marked where one of the anthropoids had turned to bay, and sold his life dearly. Always in front of us we heard the yelling and roaring which showed the direction of the pursuit. The ape-men had been driven back to their city, they had made a last stand there, once again they had been broken, and now we were in time to see the final fearful scene of all. Some eighty or a hundred males, the last survivors, had been driven across that same little clearing which led to the edge of the cliff, the scene of our own exploit two days before. As we arrived the Indians, a semicircle of spearmen, had closed in on them, and in a minute it was over, Thirty or forty died where they stood. The others, screaming and clawing, were thrust over the precipice, and went hurtling down, as their prisoners had of old, on to the sharp bamboos six hundred feet below. It was as ChallengerLoading... had said, and the reign of man was assured forever in Maple White Land. The males were exterminated, Ape Town was destroyed, the females and young were driven away to live in bondage, and the long rivalry of untold centuries had reached its bloody end.

Which tells of the hilarious tricks that were used to good effect to extricate the love-stricken Don Quixote from the severe punishment he had imposed upon himself
Don Quixote Volume One
Miguel Cervantes
25 minute read, episode 30 of 53.

This, gentlemen,” DorotheaLoading... continued, “is the true story of my sad adventures. And now you be the judges of whether there was sufficient cause for the sighs and lamentations you heard and the tears that flowed from my eyes, even if I had indulged in these even more freely.

“And if you consider the nature of my misfortune, you will recognize that consolation is idle, as there is no possible remedy for it.

“All I ask of you is something you may easily and reasonably be expected to do, which is namely to show me where I may lead my life untormented by the fear and dread of discovery by those who are looking for me, because, even though the great love my parents feel for me makes me feel sure I would be kindly received by them, so great is my feeling of shame at the mere thought that I cannot present myself before them as they expect, and so I would rather banish myself from their sight forever than look them in the eyes with the reflection that they beheld mine stripped of that purity they had a right to expect in me.”


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