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Weekly Serial Fiction — April 21, 2019


Sunday Newsletter
Ayal Pinkus
3 minute read

I got bored with the compositions where you had two visual components: an image and a pull quote, and I have been trying to come up with more interesting compositions. I looked at Sergio Toppi’s work for this a lot.

Don Quixote joins shepherds at a funeral

Don Quixote Volume One
Miguel Cervantes
17 minute read, episode 14 of 53.

ardly had the day begun, when five of the six goatherds came to wake Don QuixoteLoading... and tell him that if he still wanted to go and see the famous burial of Chrysostom, they were ready to accompany him.

Don QuixoteLoading..., who wanted nothing more, rose and ordered SanchoLoading... to get RocinanteLoading... and the ass ready immediately.

SanchoLoading... did so quickly, and they all left together.

Here it was, he told me, that he saw for the first time that mortal enemy of the human race.

They had not traveled for more than a mile when, at the point where two paths met, they saw six shepherds coming toward them. The shepherds wore black sheepskins, and their heads were crowned with garlands of cypress and colorful flowers. Each of them carried a stout oak staff in his hand, and they were joined by two distinguished men on horseback and in handsome traveling attire, with three servants on foot accompanying them.

Weekly Serial Fiction

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