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Ayal's Book Illustrations

Ayanda turned to look at the two men behind the window in the recording studio.

Frantic handshakes. The bald man then waved at her with a big smile. He put his thumbs up and left the studio.

Thando rushed to her, almost stumbling in his excitement. “They want to hire you!” he said.

She understood he had been desperate to reel in this big customer. She'd been trying to make it as a voiceactress for a while now herself. Would this be their big break together?

He hugged her and held her in his strong arms. It felt so good. She felt safe with him. His scent intoxicated her. His beautiful lips passed hers briefly. Then he gently let her go, too soon for her, it felt so good.

“Let's celebrate!” he said as he turned to the door. He looked delicious in those jeans. He turned to face her. She could see the desire in his eyes.

“Do you ... eh ... have plans for tonight?” he asked.

She usually dated men who were a bit older. This was just an inexperienced kid who had a successful Youtube channel and who was now spreading his wings and starting his voice recording studio.

But they did have something to celebrate, and he was undeniably cute.

“Pick me up at eight,” she said. She brushed past his beautiful chest and caught one last whiff of his incredible musky fragrance.

She could feel his eyes on her body. “Don't turn around,” she told herself. “He's hot, but he's too young. This can't work.”

She smiled as she walked into the daylight. She had a paid gig as a voice actress!

A short story and illustration by Ayal Pinkus.

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