My New Small Studio For Big Drawings

Ayal Pinkus

Hi there!
My daughter needed a bigger room, and I needed a smaller one, so it made perfect sense to switch places, I have a new studio!

photo of my new studio.

The motto for me for this year is not to overthink things. I kept making projects fail because I kept making them more and more complex. In that spirit, I have decided to focus solely on just making pen and ink drawings, since that is what got me started on this art adventure: wanting to understand how the illustration masters of the past did it. I think that, after more than ten years, I now finally have the tools necessary to tackle this challenge.

The photo you see is of my new clean drawing table with A2-sized lightbox on it. I realized that the artists I admire made their pen and ink drawings on these large pieces of paper, sometimes up to A2 size. When you then reduce the size of the illustration in reproduction, the line art looks much tighter.

This also means lowering my writing ambitions. I am just going to focus on illustrations that tell stories. In black and white. Pen and ink. And not over-think things.

Yours truly,
Ayal Pinkus

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