The Illustrated Next Button (R) (tm) (c)

Ayal Pinkus

Hi there!
I am trying something new this week: The Illustrated Next Button.

I saw an image of a final page from a comic from long ago, and in the bottom-right corner was this hand-drawn shape with hand-drawn letters explaining why you also needed to buy next week's issue, and I decided that it looked considerably better than a standard boring web page button. And so I set about trying to design them.

The image is designed to get you to click on it and start reading the episode and all elements in the composition are there for that purpose: The title (which you may know), the name of the well-known author, an image and a title that suggest conflict, and an arrow as a call to action.

As a bonus, these images can be easily shared on social media. What do you think, would this get you to click on that image?

Ayal Pinkus

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