The Heroine Musketeer

Ayal Pinkus

n my quest for stories from the seventeenth century, I stumbled upon this little gem:

cover of a seventeenth-century book

It's a little pocket book that was published by Elsevier. Apparently they were called “Elseviertjes” in Dutch back then, which means so much as “Little Elsevier.”

The book is called “L'héroïne mousquetaire, histoire véritable, ornée de figures en taille-douce” and it was written by Jean de Préchac.

It's a fast-paced swashbuckler in four parts, ninety pages each, written and published in the seventeenth century.

It is hilariously funny. A tomboy is not interested in marrying, preferring to go out hunting as shooting a rifle is her passion. She finds herself having to dress like a man to survive, and has to fend off amorous advances from both sexes as she keeps switching between dressing as a woman or disguising herself as a man.

It actually kind of has a very Netflix feel to it! Seventeenth-century Netflix!

Opening pages of a seventeenth-century book

I am in the process of translating and editing it and hope to publish it on eventually.

Yours truly,
Ayal Pinkus