A new feature: tooltips

Ayal Pinkus

Hi there!
Ever been reading a story when, right in the middle, you found yourself thinking, “who was this character again?”

I created tooltips this week: if you hover over a word with stipples underneath it, an explanatory tooltip will show up.

For now, I am using it to show info on the character, so you can quickly find out who that was again, but in the future, I may also add explanations of words that are not as common. This may be useful as I start to focus on seventeenth-century stories a bit more. For example, do you know what a 'Roemer' is? It's a special kind of large drinking glass that people shared around and drank from. It was studded with glass blobs so that it would not slip out of your hands which were greasy from the food on the table. Now, I can use that word, Roemer, and not be afraid people don't know what it means. They can just hover over the word and see its definition.

I've been thinking about ways to enhance the online reading experience as compared to print, and this is one thing that I thought was useful.

There are many advantages to reading digitally online actually: you can do so from your mobile phone which you always have on you, and it does not take up space in your home, and the story can take up space without costing more — printing pages costs money.

And I can quickly put revised editions online. Or add features, like tooltips. I wonder how far you can go if you really let go of print and just go all-out digital. Sound, animations, interaction...

Yours truly,
Ayal Pinkus