Ayal Pinkus

Dear reader,
Exciting news! Our serial “Don Quixote of La Mancha” start this week! You can read it right now!

The first installment is a relatively long one. It is a 50-minute read or so, and it is probably the longest in the series even. But this introduction to Don Quixote is highly worth reading, as it is a biography of the original writer Cervantes.

Cervantes wrote Don Quixote on the side while working on the more serious prose and plays he wanted to be remembered for.

He led a quite adventurous life! His adventures in the army alone would be the basis for great stories. It's a fascinating biography.

Portrait of the writer Cervantes as a playwright.This version of Don Quixote is based on translations by John Ormsby and Charles Jarvis. These two texts have been combined and revised by me to make it a more pleasant and easy read for contemporary audiences. Illustrations are by the unimitable Gustave Dore.

Don Quixote stood the test of time very well. See for yourself next week! And if you don't have time to read this week's episode, you can still read it next week. The links in the newsletter give you access to the archives.

Yours truly,
Ayal Pinkus

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