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Ayal Pinkus

Hi all,
a milestone: this is the first “Zinezoo Sunday” edition that will land in mailboxes other than my own!

I see there are already some early subscribers, and I am really happy about that! Thank you from the bottom of my heart! I'm afraid there isn't much there yet, the site will start in earnest on January 20th, five weeks from now. I want to use the coming period to see if I can get people interested in reading what we want to publish. Please bear with my as I try to figure out what works. I promise I will try to make it worth our while.

As a thank you for subscribing this early, here is a sneak preview:

A biography of Cervantes.

This is the introduction to “Don Quixote.” It is a biography of Cervantes' fascinating life. At around 50 minutes, it is a relatively long read — the chapters of the story itself are between ten and thirty minutes — but it is an interesting read! Or so I found. Hope you enjoy it.

We will start with “Don Quixote,” to see if this way of delivering a story works. I never had a chance to read it this thoroughly, and I must say, it is rather funny! The story ages well: the characters are believable, and the slapstick humor still works.

Anyway, I'll keep it short. Thank you so much for subscribing! I'll do my best to make it worth your while.

Yours truly,
Ayal Pinkus

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