What Is Going On?

Ayal Pinkus

Welcome back, reader, to another week of excellent episodes! I will use this space to update you on what is going on with this platform.

This week we found 13 more stories that were originally designed to be told in serialized form, and which are in the public domain. This means we have a catalog with a healthy diverse offering from science fiction to romance, pulp fiction to high literature. We need to find out what works still, so it is useful to try out different things, but we have 26 sections, almost 1500 episodes in total and more than 100,000 chess puzzles, all material we can experiment with to see what works.

The next move is to “augment” the episodes with a “what happened before”, images and pull quotes. The idea is to break up the big block of text to make reading the episode a more enticing proposition.

We finished scanning all images from an 1867 Don Quixote book, and adding the what-happened-befores and pull quotes. As a bonus, I get to read all these masterpieces!

In addition, we are also in the process of re-inking the drawings Joseph Clement Coll made for the story “The Lost World”. Creating the images for the episodes is possible the most work.

Hope you enjoy this week's episode.

Some important information: on December 1st 2018, I published the first version of our Terms of Use, Privacy Policy and Cookie Policy. Basically, you can use our site if you don't abuse it, and we only hold your email address if you give it to us when subscribing to our newsletter. More on that soon.

Ayal Pinkus

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