Ayal Pinkus

This is a moment to celebrate! The Zinezoo website is “Functional complete”, meaning the whole site works. We have stories, a mailing list.It is weird, I am still getting used to using this system, and writing editorials ahead of time. This is the third editorial, and I am writing this a bit more than a week before it will be published. I guess I can use this aa a bit of a diary.

Where we stand today: we have twenty-five sections, almost 1500 episodes in total. The stories are in the public domain. I chose them because they were designed to be published in serial form. Or at least, they were published in serial for when the author was still alive.

You can download an html page which you can place on your site, and that html page will obtain this week's episode from our server. Automatic syndication! It's a kind of magic.

I plan to grow a mailing list, so there is an audience that returns every week. And then I can place advertisements and make money that way. Everything will be automatic, save for this editorial which I have to write. This editorial will also be distributed through the newsletter. I think a personal note works way better than an automatically generated reminder email.

What I want to do now is get pull quotes from the Don Quixote story, and write “What Happened Before” summaries for it, and finish the drawings for The Lost World. After that, I have three sections finished: chess puzzles, Don Quixote, and The Lost World. From there on I will announce it to a bigger audience, and then I will slowly add one story after another. Embellishing the episodes with art and pull quotes and summaries is quite a lot of work! But O I believe it will improve the user experience. With that I mean perhaps people will be seduced into reading it.

That's it for now. Talk to you next week!

Ayal Pinkus