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Ayal Pinkus

Monkeys from trees
Editorial for Sunday 2019-02-17
1 minute read

Not all old language is acceptable to modern audiences
Morals and values change over the centuries and translations need to address these issues. For example, Don Quixote contains racy parts unacceptable to nineteenth-century audiences and racist sections that modern audiences will consider intolerable.
Editorial for Sunday 2019-02-10
2 minute read

Have you read one of the most-sold books ever?
“Don Quixote of la Mancha” is also considered to be the first modern novel.
Editorial for Sunday 2019-02-03
1 minute read

Meet Don quixote.
The chivalry-romance novels were perhaps the superhero comics of their time.
Cervantes seems to have wanted to poke fun at the chivalry-romance novels of his time, by having this person, Don Quixote, reading one too many and thinking he's become a knight on a knight-errant to win the heart of a dame.

To me, the modern-day equivalent of chivalry-romance novels of their time would be someone who read one superhero comic too many, and who then puts on tights and a cape to go out and be a much-admired hero.

Editorial for Sunday 2019-01-27
1 minute read

Champagne!Our first serial starts this week!
Editorial for Sunday 2019-01-20
1 minute read

On The Ephemeral Nature of the Web
Editorial for Sunday 2019-01-13
2 minute read

So what is the theme of “Don Quixote”?
Editorial for Sunday 2019-01-06
2 minute read

Happy new year from Ayal and Ingrid!
Editorial for Sunday 2018-12-30
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The second editorial: welcome, early bird!
Editorial for Sunday 2018-12-23
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Sneak preview!
Editorial for Sunday 2018-12-16
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An Early Editorial
Editorial for Sunday 2018-12-09
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What Is Going On?
What Is Going On?This week we found 13 more stories that were originally designed to be told in serialized form, and which are in the public domain. This means we have a catalog with a healthy diverse offering from science fiction to romance, pulp fiction to high literature.
Editorial for Sunday 2018-12-02
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Editorial for Sunday 2018-11-25
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