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Breaking in a new sketchbook

Editorial for Sunday 2019-06-09
1 minute read

Computer-generated textures

Editorial for Sunday 2019-06-02
2 minute read

The Illustrated Next Button (R) (tm) (c)

Editorial for Sunday 2019-05-26
1 minute read

Preliminary sketches

Editorial for Sunday 2019-05-19
1 minute read

Re-inking great illustrations

Editorial for Sunday 2019-05-12
2 minute read

Hi there.
Art drop!

I have been re-inking illustrations by Joseph Clement Coll.

Initially, I started on this project because the scans were hard to read. It appeared that the black lines in the line art had melded together into large blobs of black in many places. But as I re-inked these, I learned a lot! I can highly recommend this way of studying your favorite artist.

As an example, this:

Grammarly is addictive

Editorial for Sunday 2019-05-05
1 minute read

It surprises me that not more people are doing this, though. Artists can be publishing classic masterpieces accompanied by illustrations they made and own the full thing!


Editorial for Sunday 2019-04-21
3 minute read

I got bored with the compositions where you had two visual components: an image and a pull quote, and I have been trying to come up with more interesting compositions. I looked at Sergio Toppi’s work for this a lot.

My First Illustrated Pull Quotes

Editorial for Sunday 2019-04-14
1 minute read

You see them in magazines a lot. You will typically find them around the end of the article, and the sentence pulled from the text is meant to make the reader want to find out more, read more.

Cervantes Wanted Government To Censor Art!

Editorial for Sunday 2019-04-07
1 minute read

It's funny, because the first thing people seem to think of when they think of Don Quixote, is fighting windmills. But the book is about Cervantes trying to convince you that the arts should be censored by the government.

I bet that's something you didn't know about Don Quixote!

A Hero Image

Editorial for Sunday 2019-03-31
1 minute read

I've been thinking that I should be doing a better job of explaining what Zinezoo is about, so I have created a hero image and some copy to go along with it that hopefully explains why you want to spend some time on the Zinezoo website.

The Heroine Musketeer

Editorial for Sunday 2019-03-24
1 minute read

It's a fast-paced swashbuckler in four parts, ninety pages each, written and published in the seventeenth century.

It is hilariously funny. A tomboy is not interested in marrying, preferring to go out hunting as shooting a rifle is her passion. She finds herself having to dress like a man to survive, and has to fend off amorous advances from both sexes as she keeps switching between dressing as a woman or disguising herself as a man.

It actually kind of has a very Netflix feel to it! Seventeenth-century Netflix!

A new feature: tooltips

Editorial for Sunday 2019-03-10
2 minute read

Ever been reading a story when, right in the middle, you found yourself thinking, “who was this character again?”

I created tooltips this week: if you hover over a word with stipples underneath it, an explanatory tooltip will show up.

Just sketches this week

Editorial for Sunday 2019-03-03
1 minute read

Just a sketchbook page this week. I'm looking into doing line art with little line weight variation again, somewhat like the European Ligne Claire style, but in a more stylized realistic than cartoon style.

Focusing on the seventeenth-century

Editorial for Sunday 2019-02-24
2 minute read

So I made an important decision this week: I am going to focus on stories that play out in the seventeenth-century.

I was making drawings for a nineteenth-century adventure story while I was editing Don Quixote, and jumping between the two was, frankly jarring. This means it will be jarring to you, the reader, too.

Monkeys from trees

Editorial for Sunday 2019-02-17
1 minute read

I decided that maybe I should just share the drawings I made this week. So I am working on re-inking Joseph Clement Coll's illustrations which he made for the story “The Lost World.” The originals were scans from newspaper prints, and while I am thankful they still exist, I found them hard to read. So I decided to re-ink them. I learned so much in the process!

Not all old language is acceptable to modern audiences

Editorial for Sunday 2019-02-10
2 minute read

Morals and values change over the centuries and translations need to address these issues. For example, Don Quixote contains racy parts unacceptable to nineteenth-century audiences and racist sections that modern audiences will consider intolerable.

Have you read one of the most-sold books ever?

Editorial for Sunday 2019-02-03
1 minute read

“Don Quixote of la Mancha” is believed to have been the second-most sold book ever, after the bible. It is estimated to have sold around a half a billion copies! It was the favorite of many famous writers who would follow.

“Don Quixote of la Mancha” is also considered to be the first modern novel.

Meet Don quixote.

Editorial for Sunday 2019-01-27
1 minute read

The chivalry-romance novels were perhaps the superhero comics of their time.
Cervantes seems to have wanted to poke fun at the chivalry-romance novels of his time, by having this person, Don Quixote, reading one too many and thinking he's become a knight on a knight-errant to win the heart of a dame.

To me, the modern-day equivalent of chivalry-romance novels of their time would be someone who read one superhero comic too many, and who then puts on tights and a cape to go out and be a much-admired hero.


Editorial for Sunday 2019-01-20
1 minute read

Champagne!Our first serial starts this week!

On The Ephemeral Nature of the Web

Editorial for Sunday 2019-01-13
2 minute read

A topic trended on Twitter just yesterday. KPN is discontinuing the xs4all brand. I always knew that you could not count on companies to provide online services forever, but xs4all has been my internet provider since 1994 or so. For some reason, I thought they would stick around.

Everything online is ephemeral. If you buy a digital book, you are often actually only purchasing a license that allows to read it on a website or in an app, until the company discontinues.

So what is the theme of “Don Quixote”?

Editorial for Sunday 2019-01-06
2 minute read

Happy new year from Ayal and Ingrid!

Editorial for Sunday 2018-12-30
1 minute read

The second editorial: welcome, early bird!

Editorial for Sunday 2018-12-23
1 minute read

Sneak preview!

Editorial for Sunday 2018-12-16
2 minute read

An Early Editorial

Editorial for Sunday 2018-12-09
1 minute read

What Is Going On?

Editorial for Sunday 2018-12-02
2 minute read

What Is Going On?This week we found 13 more stories that were originally designed to be told in serialized form, and which are in the public domain. This means we have a catalog with a healthy diverse offering from science fiction to romance, pulp fiction to high literature.


Editorial for Sunday 2018-11-25
2 minute read

New episode next week!

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