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First four pencils for “Lysistrata”

Editorial for Sunday 2019-08-11
1 minute read

Design sketches for driverless minibusses

Editorial for Sunday 2019-08-04
3 minute read

The Lost World illustrations coming to an end!

Editorial for Sunday 2019-07-28
1 minute read


Every Sunday I send out an editorial and a list of new serial fiction episodes.

Shapes and vignettes

Editorial for Sunday 2019-07-21
2 minute read

Tonal studies

Editorial for Sunday 2019-07-14
1 minute read

Learning From My Ancestors

Editorial for Sunday 2019-07-07
2 minute read

My New Small Studio For Big Drawings

Editorial for Sunday 2019-06-30
1 minute read

The motto for me for this year is not to overthink things. I kept making projects fail because I kept making them more and more complex. In that spirit, I have decided to focus solely on just making pen and ink drawings, since that is what got me started on this art adventure: wanting to understand how the illustration masters of the past did it. I think that, after more than ten years, I now finally have the tools necessary to tackle this challenge.

Breaking in a new sketchbook

Editorial for Sunday 2019-06-09
1 minute read

Computer-generated textures

Editorial for Sunday 2019-06-02
2 minute read

The Illustrated Next Button (R) (tm) (c)

Editorial for Sunday 2019-05-26
1 minute read

New episode next week!

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