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zinezoo.com is a place where people come to read and publish digital articles in pdf format.

ZineZoo is a place where everyone can upload images that together form a multi-page article. Those articles can then be offered for free, or sold. People can create "zines" with collections of articles, and they can create content chanlnels featuring articles or zines either made by themselves or by others.

The price of an zine is equal to the total sum of the prices of all the articles included in the zine. When purchasing an zine, you only have to pay for the articles you haven't paid for yet, so you never pay twice for the same article. The money goes to the original creators of the articles.

Articles may also be free.

After purchase, or when free, you can read the zine or article online, and you can also download a pdf. You are in fact encouraged to download the pdf, because acounts can be closed, and articles and zines you paid for may therefore be removed in the future.

Pricing: payment processing is handled through PayPal, and that service charges fees. In addition, they may charge VAT as legally required. zinezoo.com charges a 5% commission off each sale on this website.

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