About Zinezoo

At Zinezoo, we create pen and ink illustrations for stories which we then publish in a serial form online.

Our care for each episode is what sets us apart. We add illustrations, introductions, and explanatory notes so that each installment is a short, self-contained and pleasing read.

We are currently building out a catalog of classic literary works, sometimes translated, or rewritten into more modern English.

Take time off from Twitter and read some quality literature for a few minutes instead!

We publish new episodes on the website every Sunday. You can subscribe to our newsletter to receive weekly updates.

Zinezoo was founded by Ayal Pinkus and is based in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Ayal has been a programmer than thirty-five years, and a writer and artist for more than ten years.


Every Sunday I send out an editorial and a list of new serial fiction episodes.

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