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All I needed to do was set a random seed to the time. Otherwise it starts somewhat the same always.

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If we have a chance to be in a better location, we would be at home.


Reading about studies that show the unexpected pleasure in repetition. I love repetition, familiarity, tradition, repeating events…so I was very interested to read about this research. Yes, novelty makes people happier, but so does familiarity! What ties them together, to my mind? Pattern.Attending Flavor University! I learned a lot about how to think about flavor and got much more appreciation for how complex food is.Cinnamon Ice Breakers. My sister Elizabeth introduced these mints to me, and now I don’t leave home without them.My space heater. It’s finally getting cold here in New York City, and my office is under-heated. But my trusty space-heater does a wonderful job of making my office livable.We’ve had our final live "Happier Hour" show for 2019! Elizabeth and I had so much fun on this tour. Each city, each venue, and each audience had its own vibe. Click here to see a few photos.

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